Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yesterday was Possibly the Best Day Ever. Well at least this week.

First off, I'm glad I'm not famous, or else I might be dead. This epidemic is crazier than the Swine Flu. Celebrities are dropping like Egyptian pigs. Which little piggy is next? (Sorry, that was a little weird.)

Acting camp ended with a bang--a party of sorts. Originally, Mathilda and I had planned to gather a large group of our closest friends and conquer the semi-local water park. After mass texting and sending Facebook invites, we were like 'Screw this, we're never going to find enough willing parents to haul seventeen obnoxious teenagers an hour away to spend the entire day running amok in swimsuits." That is when the Sandcastle Water Park dream died. A few days later, we were like "WE ARE SO HAVING A MURDER MYSTERY PARTY!"

We wrote our own murder mystery.T he scenario was that it was a wedding and the groom, Timothy, was found dead at the reception with a cake knife shoved in his back. We spent hours perfecting the characters: one was an alcoholic uncle, another was a crazy sister-of-the-groom with a meth lab in her basement, the best man was a horse jockey on steroids, the brother of the groom was in the mafia, there was a prostitute who was at bachelor party, there was a gay stripper who previously had a 'thing' with the groom and is having an affair with half the characters. So, basically my friends in real life (:

I'm skipping forward in time a few days (I'll go back and explain things in a second) but it wasn't until about 9:30 the night of the party when we decided to actually try the murder mystery thing out. Mathilda and I were very doubtful but everyone seemed excited. Keep in mind these my friends from theatre, not my school friends, and they are more lively and colorful then most people. We just ended up assigning people characters that were kind of like themselves. Sarah was the prostitute named Clementine, Liv was the crazy mother, and, of course, Joey was the stripper, having an affair with Sarah, me, and Mathilda. So no one would know, we put a bunch of slips of paper in a bowl and one slip said "MURDERER!" on it and everyone drew a slip.

So we mingled and everyone was in character and it was so funny. People were getting into random fights and Joey was hitting on EVERYONE--even Nathan who is now scarred for life. At the end, it was getting late and people had to go home but we tried to guess who the murderer was. It was Sarah! DUN DUN DUN!

Here are some pictures from the entire party:

No one formally RSVP'd, so we weren't sure who was coming. The first person to arrive was NATHAN, followed by fifteen of our favorite people ever. While in the front yard waiting of the Pfieffers (who never came?!) Joey decided that we should all do cheerleading moves for the passing cars and eventually he demanded Mathilda go fetch him a pair of heels. But that's just Joey. And strangely enough, he can walk in heels better than I can.

Soon after, he demanded we find him a dress or something so he prance all over my over-conservative town like a crossdresser. And he did, whist complaining that everyone is now going to start comparing him to Angel from RENT.

The blur of everyone before pigging out on pizza

We played a game called assassin and then decided to venture off to the playground

As always, the playground was epic fun. Joanna, the petafile, befriended a small girl and about half a dozen of us discovered that playground poles like like strip club poles and now half my friends are destined to become pole dancer. What a wonderful career choice.

There were these two old men sitting on a distant bench, smoking, and from a distance Mathilda though they were Nathan and Gina. But, There IS something going on between Nathan and Gina. OH BABY! It was getting dark, so, we ventured home

...and that's when we started the murder mystery part. I was going to sleep over at Mathilda's, but I was so tired I couldn't even keep my eyes open. Anywho, yesterday's party was epically amazing and I'm going to miss everyone like an addict misses their heroin. WITHDRAWAL! WITHDRAWAL! SHIVER! SPASM! DIE!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunshine Sarah and the Nameless Hobo
A children's story

(Disclaimer: I was talking to my friends Sarah and TJ on Facebook and, for some reason, they were begging me to tell them a story. So I did. And this is how it goes.)

Once upon a time there was a drag queen.

Her name was Sunshine Sarah.

And she wanted a new pair of stripper heels.

There was one problem, though; she had no money.

"I should get a job!" exclaimed Sunshine Sarah.

"I need money."

She didn't want to be a stripper, so she needed to find a new source of income.

Sunshine Sarah searched all over New York city for a job so she could purchase her beloved heels.

So she applied for a job at Chick Fillet (or however you spell it).

But then she remembered she was allergic to chicken.

So that escapade was an epic fail.

But Sunshine Sarah persevered. Then, she applied for a job at the wax museum.

But then she remembered that she was allergic to wax celebrities.

So, once again, that was an epic fail.

By now, Sunshine Sarah was kind of pissed off, so she disgruntledly applied for one last job.

This time, at Chuckie Cheese's.

and Sunshine Sarah got the job!

It was her first day of work and she was super excited.

Because what Drag Queen doesn't adore Chuckie Cheese's?

So Sunshine Sarah arrived at work with a smile on her face.

But, turns out, small children don't really like drag queens very much.

Evidently, Sunshine Sarah was fired immediately.

This was not a happy event.

Glumly, Sunshine Sarah was moseying down the New York streets.

There, she came across a hobo.

A nameless hobo.

"Good day," waved said nameless hobo.

"Good day," replied Sunshine Sarah, still glum from the dream crusher that is Chuckie Cheese's.

Just then Sunshine Sarah noticed something very peculiar...

...said nameless hobo was wearing Sunshine Sarah's desired heels!

Then Sunshine Sarah got a despotic idea.

She tackled said nameless hobo and beat him with her purse.

"Stop!" yelped said nameless hobo.

Except Sunshine Sarah didn't stop.

Instead, she stole said nameless hobo's heels. and guess what?

TJ: what

They fit Sunshine Sarah perfectly!

...which made her very happy!

The sun was setting, and Sunshine Sarah skipped away from said nameless hobo lying limply in the ally.

And from that day on, Sunshine Sarah despised Chuckie Cheese's and feared not said nameless hobos.


I hope you liked my wonderful story!
Oh--and RIP Michael Jackson


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saltworks: Week One

Week One of Acting Camp captured in Pictures:

Our team, the Terrifying Tumbleweeds,
on Team Color Day:

Me decked out on mismatch day:

Mathilda on mismatch day:

George on mismatch day:

Kevin, Natalie, and Mathilda:

Sarah and Ben dressed like
pirates and cowboys:

A bunch of us. . .whiter than Anthony Rapp:

Me wearing a mustache for our New Works skit:

Mathilda's little sister with a mustache:

Our New Works skit...
It was a fake infomercial called iFriend
Everyone loved it:

Nathan being BLONDE:

A bunch of us:

Sarah and Me:

Performing a scene from Peter Pan. . .I'm Peter Pan!

Olivia's party afterward. Silly String War:

So Week One was EPIC. Everything from theme days to New Works to playing random games to story time about creeper mannequins, it didn't cease to be one of the best weeks of my summer, as always.

At the end of each week after we perform scenes from a select play (this year was Peter Pan) or sing songs, one person from each group is awarded a scholarship for being a good person and other awesomeness. This year, it was me! I broke free from the mob of actors in burnt orange T-shirts to retrieve my certificate. On the way back, I tripped over this disabled girl's walker thing, and everyone was laughing, including myself, at my sheer grace. Might I add that no one was hurt in my little trip. Pssh, that is so me to fall over everything. Earlier, when we were doing a dress rehearsal for Peter Pan, for some reason we were REALLY far downstage, to where the microphones were taped to the floor, and toward the end of the scene I accidentally tripped over one of the floor mics and impulsively screamed "CRAP!" in the middle of Wendy's soliloquy. I wasn't trying to be funny or anything, but everyone burst out laughing and that's all anyone would talk about for a while.

Me? Graceful? I think not.

Afterward, Sarah and I went to King's restruant with a big group of people, and later arrived late to our friend Olivia's party (not to get confused with Joanna's sister, Olivia. Sheesh, Olivia is a really pretty name, but I probably know thirty Olivia's) . I had never been to Olivia's house before, because I'm not that good friends with her, but --HOLY CRAP-- her house is enormous. Her room is probably half the size of my house--she has a large room with a super high ceiling, an enormous walk in closet, a full bathroom, and a staircase leading to a big loft. It's insane. There were a bunch of people there, so we ran around screaming and then we had a major silly string war, which was awesome. When our spray cans ran out, we went inside and made rootbeer floats and Kevin scared everyone in her neighborhood by screaming "I'M A FLAMING HOMOSEXUAL" at the top of his lungs. Then we snuck on her neighbor's trampoline and watched SNL for three hours.
Sarah and I ended up sleeping over. We tried sledding down a snowless hill at midnight, which sadly, didn't work. Then we played hide and seek, which was amazing because Olivia's house has a million rooms and it took forever to find everyone. Hours later, we were half-asleep and telling ghost stories and all of a sudden we saw this flash of blue and I was like "Oh my god, I just thought I saw this weird blue flash" and Sarah was like "OH MY GOD I SAW IT TOO!" and we thought it was like some creepy mysterious inhuman force and it took us like fifteen minutes to realize it was just lightening.



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We're all Orange Except for Nathan's Hair!

Acting camp is epic (: I'll write a long post about everything eventually, but for now I'll be brief. Each day at camp, there is a theme ( Crazy Hair Day, etc. etc. ) Today just happened to be team color day--and my team color is ORANGE. Which, in my opinion, is a terrible team color because nobody owns any orange. Anyway, everyone at the acting camp goes all out for these spirit days, especially me. Last night I was over at Mathilda's and we were mourning over our lack of orange clothing when we formulated a brilliant plan--we would (temporarily) dye our hair orange. We walked down to the party store, but unfortunately it was closed. So we went to Rite Aid but they didn't have orange hair dye or orange eyeliner or makeup of any kind--it was then we stumbled across the orange poster board. . .and decided to make orange sandwich boards.
So we went back to Mathilda's and decided to print out pictures of orange things to paste on our poster boards that we would make into sandwich boards. Except for both of the printers in Mathilda's home were not working. So someone suggested we walk down to the library and use their printers to print out orange things--so we did. However, at the library, THE COLOR PRINTER WAS BROKEN. We looked down at our black-and-white pictures that were not orange at all in remorse. So we spent two hours coloring them orange--all in all, our orange sandwich boards took us a few hours to make!
We wrote our team name (The Terrifying Tumbleweeds...YEE-HAW!) and glued on orange things (our orange things consisted of the strawberry-blonde Anthony Rapp, Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, Charmander the Pokemon, and a picture of Angel wearing orange clothes) Here was our very orange results:

Also, my friend Nathan whom I haven't seen in a year BLEACHED HIS HAIR BLONDE. It looks so weird. We asked him why he did it and his response was, "I have brown hair--and you can't dye brown hair pink. So I bleached it so I could dye it pink" And he did dye it pink. . .so now it's blonde with a touch of pink. The Legally Blonde joke's I've spewed out over the past two days are endless.
In the afternoon, we break into small groups and we're each performing a scene from Peter Pan. In my scene, I am Peter Pan--only because I am older and more experienced then every other person in my group. All my friends are split up into different groups--the insanity! Last year we did Antigone, and I was older than most people in my group too. It was me and Nathan and a bunch of ten-year-olds.
I'm starting to ramble so I'll write a post about everything one day. Just some highlights for now. Tomorrow is MISMATCH DAY! That is my favorite day of the whole year--I am so excited. Pictures promised.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

from nowhere to BROADWAY

I just found out something awesome so I thought I'd share it with you all. It really has nothing to do with me, and I might sound like kind of a creeper, but whatever. I think it's cool.

So yesterday I received the seasonal newsletter in the mail for the acting company I attend (for some reason it took me like five minutes to make that sentence grammatically correct). Anywho, it's just a page or so long, so I skimmed it quickly and came across this article. Apparently, an alumni from my tiny, tiny acting company in the middle of suburban Pittsburgh is in the Hair revival on Broadway and performed at the Tony's last week! That made me suuuuuper happy!

His name is Anthony Hollock. I don't know him, though, he was before my day but I might have crossed paths with him at some event.or somethingrather I just think it's so cool that someone from my barely-known acting studio made Broadway. And to top it off, Hair won a Tony for Best Revival. I was so excited just because I love Hair and it's the mother of all rock operas and I'm constantly singing the songs, but now I'm excited for my acting company, which, by the way, is called Saltworks.

Next week and the week after, I have acting camp at Saltworks which is the highlight of my whole summer, the highlight of my life. I'm beyond excited. So, remember Antony Hollock's name (and mine!) because you never know what amazing things the future behold.

Hearing about his success just gave me so much hope. There's nothing stopping me from being the next Tim Rice (an awesomely awesome playwright who collaborated with Andrew Lloyd Webber and wrote Jesus Christ Super Star and Chess and Evita and other legendary show). That's going to be me (well one can dream, can't they? Anthony did...and he's now up there on Broadway belting out "Aquarius" and "Good Morning Starshine" and "Let the Sun Shine" and "Hair" Certainly, that's a sign of hope for me and my amazing playwright abilities) Never stop dreaming (:

Let the sun shineeeee, Let the sun shine in, the suuuuun shine in.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I totally miss school...not!

My mom has been pissed off at me all week and I don't know why. Well, I knew why she was pissed, but it's a petty reason to justify not talking to me still. I never know what's going on.

Overall, though, I'm pretty happy. I love the laziness of summer; it's so serene and relaxing. For some screwed up reason, teacher's always pile on ridiculous amounts of work toward the end of the school year. The last month of school, I was up past midnight almost EVERY night crafting chemistry labs and formulating creative writing papers. I didn't get a good night's sleep in weeks. Then, suddenly, all of that was over. I went from staying up all night preparing for vicious (I almost typed viscous, curse you chemistry!) finals to sleeping in all day before finally getting up only to watch television. I went from the most diligent worker (well, the top three probably) to the laziest couch potato in only a matter of hours. There is no balance in the universe.

Also, I think I'm going to a No Doubt concert tomorrow (Saturday) night. I don't know why. Mathilda texted me the other day (I don't know which day, they all sort of slurred together) asking if I wanted to go, and I agreed. I am completely unfamiliar with No Doubt--I thought they broke up in like the '90s. Apparently not if they're still touring. Gwen Stefani's still in No Doubt. Maybe? Oh who knows, I'll probably sleep all evening and miss the concert anyway.

Yeah, that's about it. I went to Sarah's house (again) someday this week, like I said, they all blended together into a nice summer soup. (Did I just say all the days turned into soup? Oh dear, I must be getting tired) And yesterday (I think, maybe the day before) was Natalie's 15th birthday and my friend Kelsey threw her a rather awesome surprise party. Be sure to wish her a belated birthday, if you have not!

I'm evidently sleepy and I want my brother to go to sleep so I can watch crappy 90s sitcoms and whatever else is on on TV in the middle of the night. Ah, summer is a blissful flavor of soup--and now I'm just hungry...

one more thing: ACTING CAMP FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS! ! ! ! !


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gangster Library Hermits and Doc Martens

This is my friend's cat.
His name is Samwise.
Or just Sam.

All I did today is run errands and sleep--and I didn't even wake up until eleven. Classic summer day. I went to the library for the first time in about year. I am not a fan of the library, because for some reason, every time I go in there I feel as if I'm being watched. Also, every single time I have ever been there, there are always these two kids in there on Myspace who think they're 'gangstaaaaaa' or whatever. In retrospect, the idea of 'gangstaaaaa' library hermits is hilarious; it reality, it's quite annoying and rather frightening.

Though librarys aren't my cloud nine, I adore bookstores. They're a whole different species of awesome. First off, they smell amazing. Seriously. If someone were to sell a new book perfume, I would buy it. ( psst--this is my money-making idea. Don't steal it :( ) Bookstores smell like awesome and are pure serenity. They're peaceful and quiet (the good kind of quiet, not the stuffy, awkward, if-I-tap-my-pencil-it-will-cause-the-next-world-war kind of quiet) and they're clean and air-conditioned and filled with stacks of pure white pages. I could so be a bookstore hermit.

So, just a few minutes ago, I was flipping through channels on the television and I came to Disney and saw that Hannah Montana was wearing Doc Martens. Doc Martens? When did Doc Martens become cookie-cutter-teenage-girl-popstar attire? Last time I checked, they were worn by either misfit/punk/skinhead/whatevers or troubled, uptight, lesbian lawyers**. But Hannah Montana? Wearing gaudy-yellow Doc Martens? Because of this, you're going to see thousands of frilly seven-year-old girls stomping around in Doc Martens. What is the world coming to?

**This was a refrence to RENT. I wonder if anyone got it. I was referring to Joanne, if you were curious. (Mr. Jefferson: No Doc Martens this time! and wear a dress! . . . Maureen: I'll kiss your Doc Martens! Let me kiss your Doc Martens! Your every wish I will obey)

When I go to return the library books I got, ( An Abudance of Katherines--John Green, Slam--Nick Hornby. I doubt I'll read either) I bet I'll see the 'gangstaaaaaaa' library hermits rocking Doc Martens as well. Oy vey. (psst--when I do go return them, any recomendations of good books I should read? Thanks.)


PS. the time on my blog is way off. How do I change that?

Monday, June 8, 2009

I wrote a poem.

Jigsaw families break into pieces
that all the super glue and duct tape in the world
couldn't mend
Blubbering rivers cross wrinkly canyons
Your face is a map
of a place I don’t want to go
But I’ll be there with you
bearing Kleenex and cookies
Sticky fingers fiddle with radio dials
gripping the wheel of a broken car
on a broken road
speeding away from a broken home

I don’t know where we’re going
but we’re going there together
because all the misfortune in the world
couldn't stop me from being your friend
Heartbreak is just another piece of your puzzle
So is family
So am I
And all the jagged pieces in the world
couldn't make your puzzle any less beautiful
in the end

(it's about my best friend)
(her life kind of sucks right now)
(and I feel bad)
(because I didn't know)
(until 9:11 tonight)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tales of a Toaster-Savvy, Budding Playwright with Pippy Longstocking Braids

listening to: Ragtime (but only act one, because I don't have the second act)

drinking: blueberry pomegranate vitamin water (it was free at the festival)

excited for: acting camp in a week! summer! summer! summer!

(cont. from last post) So after tackling my butthead DVD player, I finally got it to semi-work. So I watched the first ten minutes of Hair, but then it started freezing up every three seconds and would skip forward ten minutes ahead. At these impossible conditions, it was intolerable to follow. There were pregnant hippies dancing then *FREEZE* then it skipped forward to a man riding a horse in Central Park and *FREEZE* it skips to proper people riding horses and *FREEZE* some random man screams 'masturbation' and *FREEZE* there are some drugged hippies dancing under a bridge *FREEZE* *FREEZE* *FREEZE*. Ergo, I decided I would watch Hair some other time.


Thursday was my first official day of summer. I don't even remember Thursday. I woke up at eleven and watched Gilmore Girls and then sang the entire score of Spring Awakening at the top of my lungs. Eventually, I got dressed and Joanna picked me up to go to rehearsal. Last summer, I was in a show called the Just So Stories. To publicize my theatre company, we revived some scenes from it and performed them today at a big festival on the other side of the city. But that falls under the 'Sunday' category, not Thursday.


Friday was Joanna's last day of school, which was a half day, and afterward she came over. We looked up all the spelling words from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee musical in the dictionary and about half of them are real. Syzygy is a real word! Pfeff is not!

Then we started writing a song but kind of forgot to finish it because we went to this awesome Mexican restaurant to celebrate the fact I won first place and got $200 for this writing thing at my school--but I'll talk about that another day. I love Mexican food.

When we got home, we walked over to this exceptionally tiny park right near my house with an even tinier, man-made creek with but a trickle of water. In this middle of this, dare I say stream, is a little man-made island about four feet in the air. It's very small, about fifteen feet long and four feet wide. We climbed up on top of it and stayed there for an hour dancing and singing along to Legally Blonde: the musical and Avenue Q from a portable speaker. Then we sang "Totally Fucked" from Spring Awakening at the top of our lungs--I'm sure that's a first-degree offense in my rustic town. This hoard of guys playing Frisbee shot us strange glances. Then the piano music to a musical called "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" came up on Joanna's iPod and we walked down the center of the street belting it out as loud as we could. We scared a cat, and old man, and my mother. This is why both houses on either side on my home are for sale.

Joanna ate all the food in my house and we watched Rocky Horror Picture Show (again). Whenever I watch movies with Joanna, we always watch the exact same ones over and over again. They consist of: RENT, RENT: filmed live on Broadway, Connie and Carla, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Priscilla: Queen on the Desert. If you haven't noticed, they all have to do with drag queens or transvestites. If you know any other good drag queen movies, please tell me!


Yesterday I went to the mall with Sarah. We spent like two hours in Forever 21 trying on random clothes. I got a poofy skirt! It is awesome!

I don't know what I'm going to wear with it, though. I just put it over what I'm wearing right now to take a picture, which happened to be my Pirates of Penzance shirt. It looks very Dorthy with my Heidi/Spring Awakening Braids. It's very theatrical, I would say. Ideas of what I should wear it with?

Sometime while we were at the mall, Sarah lost her glasses. We galloped (literally, we galloped ) all over the mall, asking a zillion store managers if they'd seen a pair of blue, wire-rimmed glasses. No one did. We turned her car upside down looking for them, but had no luck. Dejectedly, we retreated to her house for dinner, which was great. I, evidently, am not a chef. I'm as toaster-savvy as the next poptart-addict, but I can't make a real meal to blade my hunger. I watched Sarah make salad dressing from scratch and something called cous cous and thought, "Annie, when you're finished writing your musical and cleaning your room and organizing your closet and finding an audition piece, you are going to learn to cook."

After dinner, Sarah pulled a Darth Vader mask out of virtually nowhere and I pranced around her neighborhood, proudly wearing it over my head. It was terribly hard to see, for I couldn't view anything below or above eye level. Blindly, I followed her to this field behind her house and there were all these deer surrounding us. I took my mask off to see them, but as soon as I disgarded the Darth Vader mask, they scampered away. Strange, yes.


Today was the so-called publicity performance for the Just So Stories revival at a festival at a gargantuan library near the University of Pittsburgh. In July, Joanna and I are taking this writing camp/class/program thing at Pitt. I don't know what to think of it, and will tell you more about it eventually. However, it's held at the Catherdral of Learning:

So, we thought we were performing outside today (well, we really didn't know what to expect). However, we ending up performing inside. The audience was mostly our parents, and I'm not sure if we publicized at all, but I guess it went smoothly.

Tomorrow my Rentiversary. Tomorrow, June 8th, 2009, marks one year of my RENT obsession. I am going to wear my 'La Vie Boheme' shirt, watch both RENT and RENT: filmed live on Broadway, cuss at Range Rovers and not drink diet coke. I'm excited (:

Reminder: The Tony Awards are on tonight at 8/7 c. If you're bored, watch them!!!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

I have more drafts than posts...

I guess that's evidence of a social life. I never have enough time to finish what I am going to say. That is why this post is only a teaser. Sorry, dears, I'm a busy person. It still hasn't registered that it's summer, yet, in the scope of my brain. I keep saying, "...when I go back to school on Monday..." before remembering that I have no plans for Monday. I do have plans for tomorrow though, including a fairly strange acting gig. So, I will promise a large post after my so-called "performance" tomorrow and before the Tony's.

Which reminds me, the Tony Awards are on a 8 tomorrow on CBS. Watch!! [title of show] is nominated for Best Book. It better win! One day, that will be one of my creations (in my dreams!). Which brings me to my one and only summer goal: write a musical. A serious musical. I plan on collaborating with Joanna in writing a musical by the end of the summer. I doubt it will happen, but I'm going to try! When I grow up, I'm going to be the next Tim Rice. Sadly, you probably don't know who that is. You probably think Andrew Lloyd Webber created everything himself! Oy vey, you probably don't know who that is either! Google them. and then watch the Tony's.

So tomorrow after my strange performance and before the Tony's, I PROMISE to post, explaining my eventful weekend. It involves singing 'Totally Fucked' at the top of my lungs on a pygmy island in the middle of a creek, scaring live mannequins, and running around my friend's neighborhood wearing a Darth Vader mask:

Now, I'm going to go wrestle with my portable DVD player. Since I turned in my laptop for the summer, I can't watch movies at late hours of the night when I'm bored. I do have a portable DVD player, but it only works when it feels like it. Which is almost never. I want to watch the movie version on Hair now, but I don't know if my DVD player is going to want to. I'm not even sure why I want to, because I'm exceptionally tired, but I haven't seen it and I said I'd give it back to Joanna tomorrow. Oh well, it's just a bunch of hippies.

Check back before 8 tomorrow and a post is promised!

Wish me luck conquering my DVD player.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Once upon a time...

...there was lovely girl named Annie who lived in a rustic hamlet in the middle of nowhere. Annie was very dissatisfied. Why, you ask? It was her very first day of summer vacation and it was but sixty-degrees outside. Grumble.

I was going to formulate a long post, but then realized that I have to have my lines memorized in an hour. So on the scale of importance, memorized lines slightly outweigh concocting a new post. I'm redundantly stating that it is summer vacation, and I will have way more free time, hence way more posts. I'll gush about what I want to say later--I have to find my script now!