Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saltworks: Week One

Week One of Acting Camp captured in Pictures:

Our team, the Terrifying Tumbleweeds,
on Team Color Day:

Me decked out on mismatch day:

Mathilda on mismatch day:

George on mismatch day:

Kevin, Natalie, and Mathilda:

Sarah and Ben dressed like
pirates and cowboys:

A bunch of us. . .whiter than Anthony Rapp:

Me wearing a mustache for our New Works skit:

Mathilda's little sister with a mustache:

Our New Works skit...
It was a fake infomercial called iFriend
Everyone loved it:

Nathan being BLONDE:

A bunch of us:

Sarah and Me:

Performing a scene from Peter Pan. . .I'm Peter Pan!

Olivia's party afterward. Silly String War:

So Week One was EPIC. Everything from theme days to New Works to playing random games to story time about creeper mannequins, it didn't cease to be one of the best weeks of my summer, as always.

At the end of each week after we perform scenes from a select play (this year was Peter Pan) or sing songs, one person from each group is awarded a scholarship for being a good person and other awesomeness. This year, it was me! I broke free from the mob of actors in burnt orange T-shirts to retrieve my certificate. On the way back, I tripped over this disabled girl's walker thing, and everyone was laughing, including myself, at my sheer grace. Might I add that no one was hurt in my little trip. Pssh, that is so me to fall over everything. Earlier, when we were doing a dress rehearsal for Peter Pan, for some reason we were REALLY far downstage, to where the microphones were taped to the floor, and toward the end of the scene I accidentally tripped over one of the floor mics and impulsively screamed "CRAP!" in the middle of Wendy's soliloquy. I wasn't trying to be funny or anything, but everyone burst out laughing and that's all anyone would talk about for a while.

Me? Graceful? I think not.

Afterward, Sarah and I went to King's restruant with a big group of people, and later arrived late to our friend Olivia's party (not to get confused with Joanna's sister, Olivia. Sheesh, Olivia is a really pretty name, but I probably know thirty Olivia's) . I had never been to Olivia's house before, because I'm not that good friends with her, but --HOLY CRAP-- her house is enormous. Her room is probably half the size of my house--she has a large room with a super high ceiling, an enormous walk in closet, a full bathroom, and a staircase leading to a big loft. It's insane. There were a bunch of people there, so we ran around screaming and then we had a major silly string war, which was awesome. When our spray cans ran out, we went inside and made rootbeer floats and Kevin scared everyone in her neighborhood by screaming "I'M A FLAMING HOMOSEXUAL" at the top of his lungs. Then we snuck on her neighbor's trampoline and watched SNL for three hours.
Sarah and I ended up sleeping over. We tried sledding down a snowless hill at midnight, which sadly, didn't work. Then we played hide and seek, which was amazing because Olivia's house has a million rooms and it took forever to find everyone. Hours later, we were half-asleep and telling ghost stories and all of a sudden we saw this flash of blue and I was like "Oh my god, I just thought I saw this weird blue flash" and Sarah was like "OH MY GOD I SAW IT TOO!" and we thought it was like some creepy mysterious inhuman force and it took us like fifteen minutes to realize it was just lightening.




n a t a l i e said...

:D :D :D

It all looks like so much fun! hahahaha at Ben. and at you tripping over the disabled girl's walker thing. and putting your own spin on Peter Pan. only you! the sleepover/hide-and-seek/etc. sounds like a blast too! awesome :)

Hannah said...

Ah! Sounds like Week One of acting camp was epic epic epic!! :D!
The "mix-and-match-day" outfit is bomb :P Love it!
I bet you're so stoked for next week!

Hahaha the sleepover sounds like it was loads of fun, too!! :)!