Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We're all Orange Except for Nathan's Hair!

Acting camp is epic (: I'll write a long post about everything eventually, but for now I'll be brief. Each day at camp, there is a theme ( Crazy Hair Day, etc. etc. ) Today just happened to be team color day--and my team color is ORANGE. Which, in my opinion, is a terrible team color because nobody owns any orange. Anyway, everyone at the acting camp goes all out for these spirit days, especially me. Last night I was over at Mathilda's and we were mourning over our lack of orange clothing when we formulated a brilliant plan--we would (temporarily) dye our hair orange. We walked down to the party store, but unfortunately it was closed. So we went to Rite Aid but they didn't have orange hair dye or orange eyeliner or makeup of any kind--it was then we stumbled across the orange poster board. . .and decided to make orange sandwich boards.
So we went back to Mathilda's and decided to print out pictures of orange things to paste on our poster boards that we would make into sandwich boards. Except for both of the printers in Mathilda's home were not working. So someone suggested we walk down to the library and use their printers to print out orange things--so we did. However, at the library, THE COLOR PRINTER WAS BROKEN. We looked down at our black-and-white pictures that were not orange at all in remorse. So we spent two hours coloring them orange--all in all, our orange sandwich boards took us a few hours to make!
We wrote our team name (The Terrifying Tumbleweeds...YEE-HAW!) and glued on orange things (our orange things consisted of the strawberry-blonde Anthony Rapp, Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, Charmander the Pokemon, and a picture of Angel wearing orange clothes) Here was our very orange results:

Also, my friend Nathan whom I haven't seen in a year BLEACHED HIS HAIR BLONDE. It looks so weird. We asked him why he did it and his response was, "I have brown hair--and you can't dye brown hair pink. So I bleached it so I could dye it pink" And he did dye it pink. . .so now it's blonde with a touch of pink. The Legally Blonde joke's I've spewed out over the past two days are endless.
In the afternoon, we break into small groups and we're each performing a scene from Peter Pan. In my scene, I am Peter Pan--only because I am older and more experienced then every other person in my group. All my friends are split up into different groups--the insanity! Last year we did Antigone, and I was older than most people in my group too. It was me and Nathan and a bunch of ten-year-olds.
I'm starting to ramble so I'll write a post about everything one day. Just some highlights for now. Tomorrow is MISMATCH DAY! That is my favorite day of the whole year--I am so excited. Pictures promised.



Hannah said...

Hahaha I love theme days :P
I never really participate, but it's always fun to see what others do.

That sucks that everything wasn't working for you all! At least you made it work, right? :P
It all sounds like loads of fun!


n a t a l i e said...

i love theme days! how come no one ever does them anymore? oh yeah... cause we're in high school and "too cool" for theme days anymore... WELL, I STILL WORE PAJAMAS AND MISMATCHED CLOTHES AND WAS A TWIN, SO HA! your orange sandwich boards look like they turned out well, even with all of the mishap. thats ha-ha-hilarious about nathan bleaching his hair blonde just so he could dye it pink :D why can't guys like that go to our school? not fair. oh, and YAY FOR PETER PAN! :D

p.s.-> i don't know if i already mentioned this, but i found the whole folder of My Life's. i read the first one last night, am planning on reading the rest tonight... it'll probably take me til 3 a.m. or some ridiculous time. but it will be worth it! was i really that obsessed? i'm so very sorry.

aivilo relluf said...

Thank you, thank you :D!!
Hah, and we will see about the chemistry. Our school doesn't have an online system, because we're rural and lame, so I have to wait til two weeks from now, most likely. Oh well.

Ooooh acting camp :)! That sounds like alot of fun. I love theme days, our school is really unspirited though, I guess that's just a highschool thing. But I love your ORANGE outfits/sandwich boards :D, so inventive! Your friend's tophat is cool. But I'm glad after all of the problems, you finally made it work. And lol @ Ron Weasley being on your poster ;D! Those crazy gingers! Ha.

Well, I'm sure you're having a blast there, I can't wait to hear about it in more detail! Oh, and the new pictures you've added to your sidebar are lovely :).

♥ Olive