Sunday, March 29, 2009

everything from sexy pants to muttenchops

listening to: "My body's talking to me, it says time for danger"
Daphne Rubin-Vega > Rosario Dawson
obsession of the moment: Wilson Jermaine Heredia (:

Like all my weekends,
this one was pretty spectacular. Every year, at the acting studio I attend, there is this mini-workshop called "Play in a Day", in which you go for a couple hours Friday night and all day Saturday and create a pygmy play about...anything. Our play was about boy scouts, and my all-girl group dressed up like men. I wore sported a giant camouflage coat, a zebra belt and some sexy SUSPENDERS! How very manly.

The youngest group's production was titled "Some Nuns and a Rapper", and was about a greedy rapper who got put in a mental institute by a hoard of crazy nuns and a mental patient dressed like a caterpillar taught him the meaning of life. Some people can't help but make me smile (:

After the performances, we invaded Eat'n'Park and then Joanna, Sarah, Mathilda, and I went to see the closing performance of Beauty & The Beast at my school. I anticipated it to be pretty good, but it was absolutely fabulous. I was pretty impressed that my lame school has some talent. None of my best friends go to my school *insert frowny face* so it was exceptionally weird seeing Joanna, Mathilda, and Sarah gallivanting down the hallways of my school. I would love it if that were the case everyday, but I do have a lot of other great friends at school to keep me company.

After the performance, we were waiting in the lobby to greet our friend Ben who played Lefou, when we saw this kid who looked EXACTLY like Leonardo DiCaprio, and he was wearing AWESOME striped pants. We spent like ten minutes standing there staring at his pants and talking about how hot he looked in them, and then a minute later he was like "Those girls keep talking about how much I look like Leonardo DiCaprio" so he probably overheard the pants conversation, too. HAHAHA.

Then we spent like an hour talking about his pants, and the guy who played Lumiere's pants, and other hot guys in awesome pants. Then we got bored and started checking out the presidents on dollar bills, and decided that they were all really ugly and pathetic. Especially the guy on the $20. Also, muttonchops is my favorite word ever. Martin Van Buren has some pretty fierce muttonchops. If I was a man, I'd grow muttonchops and wear suspenders daily and be a drag queen.

(Martin Van Buren in all his muttonchop-y glory)

Lastly, I think My Unfortunate Erection won the "Weirdest Song on my iPod" contest, Honking Antelope was a close second.

love, peace, rent, & muttonchops

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weirdest Song Titles on my iPod

A Little Priest
A Shtetl iz Amereke
Boho Days
Break Out the Booze
Chess Hymn
Chop Suey
Die, Vampire, Die!
Eating Myself Up Alive
Family History
Filling Out the Form
Frogs Have So Much Spring
Gordo's Law of Genetics
Henry Ford
His Name was Coalhouse Walker
Honking Antelope
I Speak Six Languages
Icky Thump
It's Hairspray
Magic Foot
Mama I'm a Big Girl Now
Monkeys and Playbills
Mother's Gonna Make Things Fine
My Friend, The Dictionary
My Junk
My Unfortunate Erection
One Night in Bangkok
Pirelli's Miracle Elixir
Poor, Unsuccessful and Fat
Pulling Teeth
Sitting Beclamed in the Lee of Cuttyhunk
The 25th Annual Putnam Country Spelling Bee
The Bitch of Living
The Homeless Lady's Revenge
The Sad Tale of Beauxhommes
The Story of Chess
The Trashing of the Car
The Worst Pies in London
Totally Fucked
Welcome to the 60's
Why We Like Spelling
You Boys are Gonna Get Me in Such Trouble
Your Daddy's Son
911 Emergency!

Which one do you think is the weirdest?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephen Sondheim AND Andrew Lloyd Webber

listening to: sweeney todd
obsession of the moment: Halloween 2009. I'm psyched.

Today, March 22, is the mutual birthday of two of my idols, Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Andrew Lloyd Webber, now 61, has composed many brilliant musicals for Broadway and West End, such as The Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats, and Evita. Sondheim, now 79, has created many classics such as West Side Story, Into the Woods, Sweeney Todd, and Sunday in the Park with George. Happy Birthday to two of the greatest composers the world has ever known!

Yesterday, I spent six hours at the mall with my best friends. The main reason we were there so long was because my friend Mathilda, who is a year younger then me, was looking for a dress for her 8th Grade Dance. [My 8th Grade Dance pretty much sucked. My friend spent the whole thing crying over nothing, and then left. I wish I could redo the dance, as well as the second half of eighth grade, because there was too much drama for my liking]

the world's ugliest dress.
So, we were well into the scavenger for the perfect dress for Mathilda and we decided to see if Macy's had anything. They had a few decent dresses, and a plethora of hideous, freaking expensive ones. So, while Mathilda tried on her nice dresses, Joanna and I tried on the ugliest ones we could find:

I am modeling this lovely specimen here, I say specimen because I'm the not sure if it deserves the title of a dress. Let's talk about the pattern first. It looks like one of Picasso's painting's vomited oreos all over it. Aside from being two sizes too big, the dress flared out at my knees and made me look like a duck. This lovely pepto-bismo colored, vomit, duck dress can be yours for the measly price of one-hundred and twenty five freaking dollars. (I don't have $125 to spend on a new iPod, let alone the world's ugliest dress.)

gogo boots.
The three of us probably venured to thirty stores, but Mathilda didn't find a dress. I, however, got a purple tube top dress and these gold stappy sandals. Joanna bought the entire mall. Seriously, she spent a ton of money on relatively nothing. I found these chunky white gogo boots and joked that they were totally something a drag queen would wear, which Joanna completely agreed and bought them. I have the weirdest friends ever.

I saw this really, really, really hot guy in American Eagle, and spent like twenty minutes staring at him while I was waiting for Joanna. I wanted to go say something to him, but Mathilda wouldn't let me. So we sort of followed him (and who I assumed was his little brother) out of the store and out to the Verizon booth in the hallway. I couldn't think of anything clever to say though
me: uh, what time is it?
hot guy: what? oh, seven thirty-five.
and then I frolicked away

What an intellectual conversation! I did get a picture of him though:

[but it isn't very good]

halloween 2009.
This is crazy, but I already have plans for Halloween '09. I love Halloween! Last year, me and my friends dressed up as "Drag Queen Boy Scout Strippers in Vegas" and ran around town screaming. This year, we decided that we're going as the cast of RENT (wow, I bet you didn't see that one coming!) Joanna is going to be Mark, Mathilda is going to be Mimi, and I'm going to be Maureen. We still need five more people to go with us, but I'm sure we can recruit. I'm so excited though! See, if we start gathering our costumes now, they'll be perfect. Let's see...I need some leather pants, stripper heels, and a cowbell, and I'm set!

go & celebrate sondheim & andrew lloyd webber's birthday!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

those darn strumpets.

listening to: Spring Awakening. oh wait, now it changed to Idina Menzel. I totally love her.
obsession of the moment: raspberry iced tea

Huzzah to frequent posting! Anywho, I have obtained some pictures of me and my bizarre friends at Sarah's party from Facebook. Woo!

[til, sarah and me. I'm the one creeping in the back]

So last week was my friend Sarah's birthday and yesterday a bunch of us went over to celebrate, which consisted of overdosing on guacamole (the spell check just corrected me. I thought it was spelled guccimolli) and dressing up like drag queens...which kind of failed miserably because none of us looked anything like drag queens. We ended up looking like a bunch of misfit strumpets. But whatever, I totally love my friends.

So, we eventually we got a little restless from eating chips and guacamole & rootbeer floats (well, not together) and watching wizard rock videos via Youtube, so we decided to walk/bike/scooter/rollerblade/ride in a wheelbarrel to our friend Kevin's house who live's X miles away.

[jo riding her tricycle (:]

[inexplicably, all our eyes are closed in this picture.
Even Gina, who is riding the bike]

[me and my best friend mathilda]

We never made it to Kevin's. We got sort of lost/distracted/tired. And we didn't exactly know where he lived. So we all made it back in one piece, or I guess six separate but whole pieces. But we told Kevin we were outside his house, and he totally believed us.

Then came the arbitrary makeovers.

[me in my strumpet attire. somehow I managed to squeeze into
an xs belly shirt intended for a five year old. why on earth
would a five year old need that? but I love the hat]

So that is a typical day in live of me and my insane friends. Like I said, they're crazy, but I love
them. I'm too tired to talk anymore. Or spell guacamole anymore times. G'night.

Peace, Love & RENT

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Come to Me, Hamburger!

listening to: Hairspray soundtrack (i haven't listened to this in forever)
obsession of the moment:
facebook (add me!)...but the 'new' facebook is death on wheels

Greetings, darlings. I have been exceptionally busy lately--which is an oddity because my typical weekend is staying home and watching RENT. Contrarily--(is that a word?)--I have been out with my friends every single day lately. How fun is that?

So last night, Friday night, I went bowling with my fabulous friends Joanna, Sarah, and Mathilda. Hence, sexy electric-green laced bowling shoes (which matched perfectly with my snazzy pink pants). I have to warn you--we are possibly the worst bowlers in the universe. The first game we played without bumpers and Mathilda won ( I mean TJ. We all typed names of guy's we know into the bowling machine instead of our own) She had a whopping score of 41. Joanna had a score of about 5, being a gutter-ball magnet. Ergo, we used bumpers for the second game and--miraculously--Joanna won with a score of 76. None of us were really into the game, we just ran around screaming and buying icky ice cream from arbitrary vending machines.
ice skating.

Sarah is an ice-skater, and last week we all went to her show. It was awesome, mostly because we all got to see our friend Joey who we haven't seen in like two years. He is a fabulous ice skater! We didn't exactly watch most of the show though (can you tell how easily distracted my friends are?) and we ran around spending all our money on vending machines...again. There was this fancy-looking, electric pink drink in one of the machines that reminded me of drag queens so I made Joanna buy it. I expected it to taste like Pepto Bismo because of the color, but it was DELICIOUS! It was some kind of fancy strawberry flavor.
There was another vending machine with actual (repulsive) food inside plastic bags. Joanna spotted a double-bacon cheeseburger within the machine and decided she couldn't live without it. After wrestling the vending machine, she triumphantly held the prized burger into the air and unwrapped it from it's nasty little package. It was then she realized that the burger needs to be microwaved--and luckily (and strangely enough) there was a microwave right next to the vending machines. The microwave, however, did not have one of those spinney plates in it, so we just put it on a napkin. Joanna stood there, mesmerized my the microwave. When it was done, it was perhaps the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. It was covered in this gross cheese and the 'bacon' looked more like twigs. The patty was covered in fake grill-marks. Despite everything, Joanna eagerly gobbled up the monstrosity. Moral of the story? Resist the temptation of devouring atrocious vending machine cuisine!

sarah's birthday.

My friend Sarah's birthday was last Wednesday! Today, a bunch of us went over to her house. I took a grand total of ONE picture, so I have to wait until everyone else puts their pictures on Facebook. They're so funny--we all dressed up in, um, *interesting* attire and gave each other makeovers. I know, I'm strange.

That's all!
Avoid vending machines!
Watch RENT!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

a thousand words or less

hiya, I'm annie

listening to: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee: The Musical
obsession of the moment: obscene off-Broadway musicals

Nice to meet you on this lovely day. Sit back in your dilapidated swivel chair and kick your feet up on the messy desk (be sure not to knock over the mug holding arbitrary pens and pencils, and a stray crayon or two). This is my NEW BLOG which is quite fantastic. I had had quite a few blogs over the past year or so, but I'm such a fickle person that I have this urge to change this up every so often. Hence...this glorious tidbit of fine literature! Some of you may know me, some may not. Some of you might bow down in my excellence, some may not (just kidding...please don't bow down in my excellence. Really, there is no need for such bowing. No bowing here. Maybe an occasional courtesy or two--but honestly guys, bowing is a little 0ver-the-top) For those unfortunate souls who have not been blessed with my acquaintance, you may find it useful a know a thing or two about me.

i love the musical RENT
My most dominant personality trait is most likely my overbearing passion for the musical RENT, written by my hero, the great, yet sadly deceased Jonathan Larson. RENT is my passion, it's my life. I honestly can't get enough of it. I could talk on for centuries--or at least a fortnight--about what an incredible, life-changing musical this is, but I will pardon your boredom and just demand you either listen to it, watch the movie, or search it on wikipedia. But really folks, RENT is fabulous. RENT isn't the only musical I love though, I'm very obsessed with quite a few obscure musicals. Some of my other current favorites are Spring Awakening and [title of show], but RENT will always be my number one. If you're interested in musicals, I could probably recommend at least a dozen amazing ones.

i dream of living in New York
One day, I dream of being a starving artist in New York City. Just kidding about the starving part--sort of. My ultimate future would probably involve me living in a loft in SoHo writing remarkably spectacular musicals for my fellow theatre-dorks to droll over. I would also be married to Anthony Rapp. I don't care if Anthony is 22 and a half years older then me--and gay--I would still be married to him. But, as you know, most likely none of this will come true. What can I say? I'm a dreamer. I love New York City more than any place in the world. Going to college there would make me the happiest girl ever. I'm constantly acting and writing and singing. I love it, it's great. The theatre is my second home.

i have the best friends in the world
We're freaking psychotic. We spend weekends running around singing songs from RENT at the top of our lungs or spending all of our money on clothes only drag queens would wear (and freaks like us.) We make movies about how much we hate George W. Bush and tremble in fear of boy scouts and take millions of pictures of us jumping in mid-air. We buy non-alcohol champagne and run around town trying to scare all the pedestrians and go to the store just to buy cool whip or cream of tartar. We befriend vending machines and trees with faces and hot guys named Nolan. My friends are complete idiots, but I wouldn't trade them for the the entire Original Broadway Cast of RENT (:

So, that's me in a nutshell--or maybe a shellfish. I don't really eat nuts. Anywho, that's the fabulous me. Huzzah!