Saturday, March 14, 2009

Come to Me, Hamburger!

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Greetings, darlings. I have been exceptionally busy lately--which is an oddity because my typical weekend is staying home and watching RENT. Contrarily--(is that a word?)--I have been out with my friends every single day lately. How fun is that?

So last night, Friday night, I went bowling with my fabulous friends Joanna, Sarah, and Mathilda. Hence, sexy electric-green laced bowling shoes (which matched perfectly with my snazzy pink pants). I have to warn you--we are possibly the worst bowlers in the universe. The first game we played without bumpers and Mathilda won ( I mean TJ. We all typed names of guy's we know into the bowling machine instead of our own) She had a whopping score of 41. Joanna had a score of about 5, being a gutter-ball magnet. Ergo, we used bumpers for the second game and--miraculously--Joanna won with a score of 76. None of us were really into the game, we just ran around screaming and buying icky ice cream from arbitrary vending machines.
ice skating.

Sarah is an ice-skater, and last week we all went to her show. It was awesome, mostly because we all got to see our friend Joey who we haven't seen in like two years. He is a fabulous ice skater! We didn't exactly watch most of the show though (can you tell how easily distracted my friends are?) and we ran around spending all our money on vending machines...again. There was this fancy-looking, electric pink drink in one of the machines that reminded me of drag queens so I made Joanna buy it. I expected it to taste like Pepto Bismo because of the color, but it was DELICIOUS! It was some kind of fancy strawberry flavor.
There was another vending machine with actual (repulsive) food inside plastic bags. Joanna spotted a double-bacon cheeseburger within the machine and decided she couldn't live without it. After wrestling the vending machine, she triumphantly held the prized burger into the air and unwrapped it from it's nasty little package. It was then she realized that the burger needs to be microwaved--and luckily (and strangely enough) there was a microwave right next to the vending machines. The microwave, however, did not have one of those spinney plates in it, so we just put it on a napkin. Joanna stood there, mesmerized my the microwave. When it was done, it was perhaps the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. It was covered in this gross cheese and the 'bacon' looked more like twigs. The patty was covered in fake grill-marks. Despite everything, Joanna eagerly gobbled up the monstrosity. Moral of the story? Resist the temptation of devouring atrocious vending machine cuisine!

sarah's birthday.

My friend Sarah's birthday was last Wednesday! Today, a bunch of us went over to her house. I took a grand total of ONE picture, so I have to wait until everyone else puts their pictures on Facebook. They're so funny--we all dressed up in, um, *interesting* attire and gave each other makeovers. I know, I'm strange.

That's all!
Avoid vending machines!
Watch RENT!



N a t a l i e. said...

Sounds like you had a lot of cool stuff going on lately! Bowling I cannot do without the bumpers. Ewww the burger looks disgusting! There was actually food inside of plastic bags in the vending machine?! That is too bizarre. And happy bday to Sarah!

Cait said...

Wow..that's a big burger. Great to see you are having fun with your friends. Great black and white shots, too.

James said...

Lol that burger looks so gross! I would rather eat pickles than eat that thing!!!! Remember me? :) O yea also I think its really cool how you guys go running around the place blowing your money on food. I would do that too. Anything else? O yea! Ice skating is cool and I understand what you mean about the bowling. My friends and I blew most of our money on the tickets, and the highest score without bumpers was I think 50 or 60.

James said...

Lol of course silly! I liked having you comment on my blog and I wished i could have commented on yours because it had been blocked and stuff. but its all good now cuz now we can comment each other and stuff!