Saturday, March 7, 2009

a thousand words or less

hiya, I'm annie

listening to: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee: The Musical
obsession of the moment: obscene off-Broadway musicals

Nice to meet you on this lovely day. Sit back in your dilapidated swivel chair and kick your feet up on the messy desk (be sure not to knock over the mug holding arbitrary pens and pencils, and a stray crayon or two). This is my NEW BLOG which is quite fantastic. I had had quite a few blogs over the past year or so, but I'm such a fickle person that I have this urge to change this up every so often. Hence...this glorious tidbit of fine literature! Some of you may know me, some may not. Some of you might bow down in my excellence, some may not (just kidding...please don't bow down in my excellence. Really, there is no need for such bowing. No bowing here. Maybe an occasional courtesy or two--but honestly guys, bowing is a little 0ver-the-top) For those unfortunate souls who have not been blessed with my acquaintance, you may find it useful a know a thing or two about me.

i love the musical RENT
My most dominant personality trait is most likely my overbearing passion for the musical RENT, written by my hero, the great, yet sadly deceased Jonathan Larson. RENT is my passion, it's my life. I honestly can't get enough of it. I could talk on for centuries--or at least a fortnight--about what an incredible, life-changing musical this is, but I will pardon your boredom and just demand you either listen to it, watch the movie, or search it on wikipedia. But really folks, RENT is fabulous. RENT isn't the only musical I love though, I'm very obsessed with quite a few obscure musicals. Some of my other current favorites are Spring Awakening and [title of show], but RENT will always be my number one. If you're interested in musicals, I could probably recommend at least a dozen amazing ones.

i dream of living in New York
One day, I dream of being a starving artist in New York City. Just kidding about the starving part--sort of. My ultimate future would probably involve me living in a loft in SoHo writing remarkably spectacular musicals for my fellow theatre-dorks to droll over. I would also be married to Anthony Rapp. I don't care if Anthony is 22 and a half years older then me--and gay--I would still be married to him. But, as you know, most likely none of this will come true. What can I say? I'm a dreamer. I love New York City more than any place in the world. Going to college there would make me the happiest girl ever. I'm constantly acting and writing and singing. I love it, it's great. The theatre is my second home.

i have the best friends in the world
We're freaking psychotic. We spend weekends running around singing songs from RENT at the top of our lungs or spending all of our money on clothes only drag queens would wear (and freaks like us.) We make movies about how much we hate George W. Bush and tremble in fear of boy scouts and take millions of pictures of us jumping in mid-air. We buy non-alcohol champagne and run around town trying to scare all the pedestrians and go to the store just to buy cool whip or cream of tartar. We befriend vending machines and trees with faces and hot guys named Nolan. My friends are complete idiots, but I wouldn't trade them for the the entire Original Broadway Cast of RENT (:

So, that's me in a nutshell--or maybe a shellfish. I don't really eat nuts. Anywho, that's the fabulous me. Huzzah!



Joe said...


Annie said...

I don't know, I was just bored with the old one. So I made a new...everything. Ugh, I'm so fickle.

Senpai said...

So...Firebrand...doesnt that mean you're gonna bring destruction to Troy or something?

Lol...just dont shoot Achilles, k?

Kate said...

Hey, Annie, there's a creative writing camp in North Carolina that you might be interested in. ;) At Duke! You should look into it!

I'm going. :D We could, like, meet up.

Agamemnon said...


Ali said...


AWESOME, AWESOME BLOG!!!! So are you getting rid of your other blog?

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your new blog!
I love musicals too :)

N a t a l i e. said...

Oh my gosh, RENT is like the most obsessive obsession you've ever had haha! :D

I love the new blog, it's all cool looking and perdy :)

aivilo relluf said...

Thanks, Annie :)
I really love your blog, actually. Your pictures on the side are cute, especially the theater ones. I wish I was in theater type things, but I'm too nervous :B. Rent's pretty good, I need to rewatch it, the last time I did was over a year ago. But have you ever seen REPO! The Genetic Opera? That one's good too, but it's a bit twisted. Depends on what you're into :). If you're a bit of a grotesque fiend like me, you'll most likely enjoy it. You should definitely persue going to NYC, it seems like such a wild, varied place. I want to go. You and your friends sound like fun :D.

Nicole Linette said...

Hey Annie! Thanks for telling me about your new blog. Faabulous bio, theatre is an amazing passion, so don't ever give it up. Haha, and I love Rent too. My parents went to see Jersey Boys last week without me, I was ticked! Your friends seem stellar and I hope one day you do live in that SoHo apartment :) Talk to you later!

peace&Love, nicole.