Sunday, March 29, 2009

everything from sexy pants to muttenchops

listening to: "My body's talking to me, it says time for danger"
Daphne Rubin-Vega > Rosario Dawson
obsession of the moment: Wilson Jermaine Heredia (:

Like all my weekends,
this one was pretty spectacular. Every year, at the acting studio I attend, there is this mini-workshop called "Play in a Day", in which you go for a couple hours Friday night and all day Saturday and create a pygmy play about...anything. Our play was about boy scouts, and my all-girl group dressed up like men. I wore sported a giant camouflage coat, a zebra belt and some sexy SUSPENDERS! How very manly.

The youngest group's production was titled "Some Nuns and a Rapper", and was about a greedy rapper who got put in a mental institute by a hoard of crazy nuns and a mental patient dressed like a caterpillar taught him the meaning of life. Some people can't help but make me smile (:

After the performances, we invaded Eat'n'Park and then Joanna, Sarah, Mathilda, and I went to see the closing performance of Beauty & The Beast at my school. I anticipated it to be pretty good, but it was absolutely fabulous. I was pretty impressed that my lame school has some talent. None of my best friends go to my school *insert frowny face* so it was exceptionally weird seeing Joanna, Mathilda, and Sarah gallivanting down the hallways of my school. I would love it if that were the case everyday, but I do have a lot of other great friends at school to keep me company.

After the performance, we were waiting in the lobby to greet our friend Ben who played Lefou, when we saw this kid who looked EXACTLY like Leonardo DiCaprio, and he was wearing AWESOME striped pants. We spent like ten minutes standing there staring at his pants and talking about how hot he looked in them, and then a minute later he was like "Those girls keep talking about how much I look like Leonardo DiCaprio" so he probably overheard the pants conversation, too. HAHAHA.

Then we spent like an hour talking about his pants, and the guy who played Lumiere's pants, and other hot guys in awesome pants. Then we got bored and started checking out the presidents on dollar bills, and decided that they were all really ugly and pathetic. Especially the guy on the $20. Also, muttonchops is my favorite word ever. Martin Van Buren has some pretty fierce muttonchops. If I was a man, I'd grow muttonchops and wear suspenders daily and be a drag queen.

(Martin Van Buren in all his muttonchop-y glory)

Lastly, I think My Unfortunate Erection won the "Weirdest Song on my iPod" contest, Honking Antelope was a close second.

love, peace, rent, & muttonchops


Roxy Motion said...

lol. i love your jacket!

sweet, a fellow leo! :)

N a t a l i e. said...

Aw man, I can't believe I missed the play :P And the guy that looked like Leo DiCaprio!

Hahaha! "Some Nuns and a Rapper" is a pretty intriguing title. And of COURSE your play was about boyscout, how could I ever think otherwise? [;

aivilo relluf said...

That mini-workshop looked like fun :D.
The pictures are quite enjoyable, awesome outfit! That's too funny about the Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike, especially since he heard you.. haha. Muttonshops are rediculous and great, both at the same time. You would make a stellar man if you looked like that, hahaha :).

Anonymous said...

Cool post.
That workshop sounds like so much fun. And your outfit is fab :)

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite stories ^^
And the Leo DiCaprio lookalike story made me laugh :) It's so awkward when people overhear what you're saying about them.

Muttonshops are seriously awesome. Not. :)

raspberry said...

link above (in my name) doesn't work anymore. I did not delete my blog, I just changed accounts.
This one works :)

SmallGirlOnHerBike♥ said...

I love da blog! (can you follow mine?)

Hannah said...

HAHAHA love the manly outfit. Totally something I'd wear if I were a man :P

Holy cow, those muttonchops are HUGE!


ps. thanks for checking out my blog! :)

aivilo relluf said...

Aw, thank youu :)!
I really like what you've done to yours! The background's nice, and I love the new pictures. Especially the jumping one :D, and the peace one's pretty awesome as well.

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

I've recently invested in some "gender-bender" clothing like, rugged, cambat boots, and trousers with suspenders. Aha. President Van Buren had some pretty wild facial hair. Haha.

James said...

Unfortunate Errections, ahem that sounds like.... ahem... never mind.

Senpai said...

FINALLY! Ive been searching for your blog for ages....

aivilo relluf said...

thanks :D!
i cannot wait to see your newly constructed blog :) excitinggg!

James said...

You remind me of a friend that knows a ton of musicals! So let me ask you something, what is your favorite song from rent?

N a t a l i e. said...

Wow I'm smart... I was like whaa wheres the comment button and then I noticed that there wasnt one until this post haha :P

Planning things is always so grrrfull! Whenever we try to plan an event, we say oh, we'll do it like a week ahead of time so we're not running around like crazy (well, I run around like crazy, but somehow it works out for everyone else fine without them stressing out) at the last minute, even though we do anyway :P And URGH we really do need to all get together and plan it or something cause I'm already worried about lunch. I might have to take my smarticle math class 4th :P urghghh so much stress! Plus my report room will probably end up last again and I'll end up in all classes with Brianna and her high heels. JOY TO THE WORLD!

I GOT AN A- TOO! Well, something with an A... I know I missed 4.5... how much you wanna bet Amber misses 4, because I ALWAYS miss .5 more than her haha. But a B- is better than a C! Plus you have like a weekish to bring it up. I don't really get the balancing equations thing... I was too busy worrying about scheduling to pay attention...

crap its almost 1... yay for lack of sleep :P

THIS TIME i am copying the comment before i hit publish in case it gets messed up cause that already happened to me twice today and i had to rewrite the entire thing. so pshhaweafddf

i dont even know what im saying anymore! blauhfkdg i'm unintelligible! wow, i actually spelled unintelligible right at this time? bedododo

ok i'll stop now.
i swear
i will.
right now.


april fools!

okay no i'm seriously going right n