Thursday, June 4, 2009

Once upon a time...

...there was lovely girl named Annie who lived in a rustic hamlet in the middle of nowhere. Annie was very dissatisfied. Why, you ask? It was her very first day of summer vacation and it was but sixty-degrees outside. Grumble.

I was going to formulate a long post, but then realized that I have to have my lines memorized in an hour. So on the scale of importance, memorized lines slightly outweigh concocting a new post. I'm redundantly stating that it is summer vacation, and I will have way more free time, hence way more posts. I'll gush about what I want to say later--I have to find my script now!



aivilo relluf said...

Oh, don't stress it :).
And thank you, yes I was!
Grr, I'm sorry for the uncooperative weather :/, atleast you're on vacation now though! Woohoo! Well, good luck at memorizing your lines & everything.

♥ Olive

n a t a l i e said...

Yay for new posts! Yeah, it sucked outside today and yesterday... it was like 90 degrees in March, wtf. Good luck with the lines!

raspberry said...

Oh, good luck with your lines.
I'm sure you'll do fine.

Have a nice weekend!