Thursday, May 28, 2009

Farewell Thee, Laptop!

listening to: Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Picture Show (HAHAHA)

My lovely friend Joanna was suppose to burn me a copy of the Rocky Horror Picture Show album (I even gave her the code on my iTunes giftcard to pay for it!). Last night she gave me the CD, and I popped it in my laptop a few minutes ago. IT WAS THE INSTRUMENTAL VERSION! I am so pissed off. I would send Joanna a disgruntled text message, but last time I texted her during school she got a detention ):

So now I guess I'll settle for my RHPS pandora radio, but I have to turn my laptop in to the school in a few hours. I was up until 1 flashdriving stuff. Yuck. I was also up half the night with a vicious stomach ache. I got up at seven-freaking-thirty this morning. I got ready in 7 1/2 minutes. Not happy, am I.

Farewell Thee, Laptop! I'll see you again in late September!


Senpai said...

again, does it occur to anyone to just get a portable hard drive?

aivilo relluf said...

Oh man, you have to forefit your macbook like Natalie don't you? Gah, that must be such a tease, having a nice laptop all year long, only to be taken away for the summer :P. Yikes! that's horrible about the soundtrack too. Instrumental versions piss me off, hahah.

n a t a l i e said...

It was so sad to turn in my computer... I THOUGHT put everything onto a flashdrive, but realized that I forgot to put the fifty page list of all the songs i want, and now i can't remember half of them... drat.

I got an A-... I thought I'd do better, but oh well, it's still an A. And argh I for some reason thought that Tom & Mayella couldn't be witnesses since they were already the defendant/prosecution... so I put Bob, Heck Tate, Link Deas, and some other random person, I don't even remember. XP

Hannah said...

I don't think I've ever seen Rocky Horror Picture Show :O
I've heard it's really good for what it is from nearly everyone that's seen it, so I should check it out :D

I heard from Natalie that you all had to turn in your laptops. That SUCKS! Definitely since they're macs! D:

I hope you feel better, love!! The only real phobia I have is of the stomach flu :S