Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yesterday was Possibly the Best Day Ever. Well at least this week.

First off, I'm glad I'm not famous, or else I might be dead. This epidemic is crazier than the Swine Flu. Celebrities are dropping like Egyptian pigs. Which little piggy is next? (Sorry, that was a little weird.)

Acting camp ended with a bang--a party of sorts. Originally, Mathilda and I had planned to gather a large group of our closest friends and conquer the semi-local water park. After mass texting and sending Facebook invites, we were like 'Screw this, we're never going to find enough willing parents to haul seventeen obnoxious teenagers an hour away to spend the entire day running amok in swimsuits." That is when the Sandcastle Water Park dream died. A few days later, we were like "WE ARE SO HAVING A MURDER MYSTERY PARTY!"

We wrote our own murder mystery.T he scenario was that it was a wedding and the groom, Timothy, was found dead at the reception with a cake knife shoved in his back. We spent hours perfecting the characters: one was an alcoholic uncle, another was a crazy sister-of-the-groom with a meth lab in her basement, the best man was a horse jockey on steroids, the brother of the groom was in the mafia, there was a prostitute who was at bachelor party, there was a gay stripper who previously had a 'thing' with the groom and is having an affair with half the characters. So, basically my friends in real life (:

I'm skipping forward in time a few days (I'll go back and explain things in a second) but it wasn't until about 9:30 the night of the party when we decided to actually try the murder mystery thing out. Mathilda and I were very doubtful but everyone seemed excited. Keep in mind these my friends from theatre, not my school friends, and they are more lively and colorful then most people. We just ended up assigning people characters that were kind of like themselves. Sarah was the prostitute named Clementine, Liv was the crazy mother, and, of course, Joey was the stripper, having an affair with Sarah, me, and Mathilda. So no one would know, we put a bunch of slips of paper in a bowl and one slip said "MURDERER!" on it and everyone drew a slip.

So we mingled and everyone was in character and it was so funny. People were getting into random fights and Joey was hitting on EVERYONE--even Nathan who is now scarred for life. At the end, it was getting late and people had to go home but we tried to guess who the murderer was. It was Sarah! DUN DUN DUN!

Here are some pictures from the entire party:

No one formally RSVP'd, so we weren't sure who was coming. The first person to arrive was NATHAN, followed by fifteen of our favorite people ever. While in the front yard waiting of the Pfieffers (who never came?!) Joey decided that we should all do cheerleading moves for the passing cars and eventually he demanded Mathilda go fetch him a pair of heels. But that's just Joey. And strangely enough, he can walk in heels better than I can.

Soon after, he demanded we find him a dress or something so he prance all over my over-conservative town like a crossdresser. And he did, whist complaining that everyone is now going to start comparing him to Angel from RENT.

The blur of everyone before pigging out on pizza

We played a game called assassin and then decided to venture off to the playground

As always, the playground was epic fun. Joanna, the petafile, befriended a small girl and about half a dozen of us discovered that playground poles like like strip club poles and now half my friends are destined to become pole dancer. What a wonderful career choice.

There were these two old men sitting on a distant bench, smoking, and from a distance Mathilda though they were Nathan and Gina. But, There IS something going on between Nathan and Gina. OH BABY! It was getting dark, so, we ventured home

...and that's when we started the murder mystery part. I was going to sleep over at Mathilda's, but I was so tired I couldn't even keep my eyes open. Anywho, yesterday's party was epically amazing and I'm going to miss everyone like an addict misses their heroin. WITHDRAWAL! WITHDRAWAL! SHIVER! SPASM! DIE!



Taylor (: said...

SWEET JAYZUS IT'S ANNIE! I despise facebook but I guess I might have to make one eventually because it seems everyone has one BUT me.

Anyone this is such a typical Annie post. Boys dressed as girls and gay strippers? Hahahaha but it sounds and looks like fun. (;

Peace. :D

natalie said...

I saw these pictures on Facebook! It looks like you had lots of fun with lots of gay strippers and crossdressers and...I think you mean pedophiles not petafiles hahah :) But the YMCA park is always a fun place to befriend small children!

Hahahaha the word verification thingy is "destin".... poor Destin.

Hannah said...

Hahahaha that's hilarious :P
Cross-dressers, strippers and the Classic!
It sounds like loads of fun ;D


Nicci said...

This looks like it was a lot of fun! lovely blog x

aivilo relluf said...

Thank you, thank you :)!
What an eventful day! I always thought a murder mystery party would be wicked cool, but I lack the large number of dramatic friends to host one. That sounds like alot of fun though :D. Those are some fantastic pictures, a few humorous ones as well ;P. I'm glad you got to have such an enjoyable time!

♥ Olive

Nicole Linette said...

Hey Annie!
Yes, life got in the way of blogging.. along with the mishap with my computer, but it's great to be back and reading about the adventures of everyone!

Hahaha that sounds amazing. Camp people are the best, doesn't matter what kind of camp it is, the people there are so eclectic and outrageous and unforgettable! You obviously had a fantastic time, and hopefully you can stay in touch with everyone.

I'd have to say a guy prancing around a conservative town as a cross-dresser bascially owns it all. XD

Have a great week :)

Victoria said...

Hahah, it sounds like you had a lot of fun! :) Everyone sounds great! And a guy prancing around a conservative town is priceless! :)

Have a great week! :)

Victoria said...

*Guy prancing around a conservative town as a cross dresser. :P