Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tales of a Toaster-Savvy, Budding Playwright with Pippy Longstocking Braids

listening to: Ragtime (but only act one, because I don't have the second act)

drinking: blueberry pomegranate vitamin water (it was free at the festival)

excited for: acting camp in a week! summer! summer! summer!

(cont. from last post) So after tackling my butthead DVD player, I finally got it to semi-work. So I watched the first ten minutes of Hair, but then it started freezing up every three seconds and would skip forward ten minutes ahead. At these impossible conditions, it was intolerable to follow. There were pregnant hippies dancing then *FREEZE* then it skipped forward to a man riding a horse in Central Park and *FREEZE* it skips to proper people riding horses and *FREEZE* some random man screams 'masturbation' and *FREEZE* there are some drugged hippies dancing under a bridge *FREEZE* *FREEZE* *FREEZE*. Ergo, I decided I would watch Hair some other time.


Thursday was my first official day of summer. I don't even remember Thursday. I woke up at eleven and watched Gilmore Girls and then sang the entire score of Spring Awakening at the top of my lungs. Eventually, I got dressed and Joanna picked me up to go to rehearsal. Last summer, I was in a show called the Just So Stories. To publicize my theatre company, we revived some scenes from it and performed them today at a big festival on the other side of the city. But that falls under the 'Sunday' category, not Thursday.


Friday was Joanna's last day of school, which was a half day, and afterward she came over. We looked up all the spelling words from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee musical in the dictionary and about half of them are real. Syzygy is a real word! Pfeff is not!

Then we started writing a song but kind of forgot to finish it because we went to this awesome Mexican restaurant to celebrate the fact I won first place and got $200 for this writing thing at my school--but I'll talk about that another day. I love Mexican food.

When we got home, we walked over to this exceptionally tiny park right near my house with an even tinier, man-made creek with but a trickle of water. In this middle of this, dare I say stream, is a little man-made island about four feet in the air. It's very small, about fifteen feet long and four feet wide. We climbed up on top of it and stayed there for an hour dancing and singing along to Legally Blonde: the musical and Avenue Q from a portable speaker. Then we sang "Totally Fucked" from Spring Awakening at the top of our lungs--I'm sure that's a first-degree offense in my rustic town. This hoard of guys playing Frisbee shot us strange glances. Then the piano music to a musical called "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" came up on Joanna's iPod and we walked down the center of the street belting it out as loud as we could. We scared a cat, and old man, and my mother. This is why both houses on either side on my home are for sale.

Joanna ate all the food in my house and we watched Rocky Horror Picture Show (again). Whenever I watch movies with Joanna, we always watch the exact same ones over and over again. They consist of: RENT, RENT: filmed live on Broadway, Connie and Carla, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Priscilla: Queen on the Desert. If you haven't noticed, they all have to do with drag queens or transvestites. If you know any other good drag queen movies, please tell me!


Yesterday I went to the mall with Sarah. We spent like two hours in Forever 21 trying on random clothes. I got a poofy skirt! It is awesome!

I don't know what I'm going to wear with it, though. I just put it over what I'm wearing right now to take a picture, which happened to be my Pirates of Penzance shirt. It looks very Dorthy with my Heidi/Spring Awakening Braids. It's very theatrical, I would say. Ideas of what I should wear it with?

Sometime while we were at the mall, Sarah lost her glasses. We galloped (literally, we galloped ) all over the mall, asking a zillion store managers if they'd seen a pair of blue, wire-rimmed glasses. No one did. We turned her car upside down looking for them, but had no luck. Dejectedly, we retreated to her house for dinner, which was great. I, evidently, am not a chef. I'm as toaster-savvy as the next poptart-addict, but I can't make a real meal to blade my hunger. I watched Sarah make salad dressing from scratch and something called cous cous and thought, "Annie, when you're finished writing your musical and cleaning your room and organizing your closet and finding an audition piece, you are going to learn to cook."

After dinner, Sarah pulled a Darth Vader mask out of virtually nowhere and I pranced around her neighborhood, proudly wearing it over my head. It was terribly hard to see, for I couldn't view anything below or above eye level. Blindly, I followed her to this field behind her house and there were all these deer surrounding us. I took my mask off to see them, but as soon as I disgarded the Darth Vader mask, they scampered away. Strange, yes.


Today was the so-called publicity performance for the Just So Stories revival at a festival at a gargantuan library near the University of Pittsburgh. In July, Joanna and I are taking this writing camp/class/program thing at Pitt. I don't know what to think of it, and will tell you more about it eventually. However, it's held at the Catherdral of Learning:

So, we thought we were performing outside today (well, we really didn't know what to expect). However, we ending up performing inside. The audience was mostly our parents, and I'm not sure if we publicized at all, but I guess it went smoothly.

Tomorrow my Rentiversary. Tomorrow, June 8th, 2009, marks one year of my RENT obsession. I am going to wear my 'La Vie Boheme' shirt, watch both RENT and RENT: filmed live on Broadway, cuss at Range Rovers and not drink diet coke. I'm excited (:

Reminder: The Tony Awards are on tonight at 8/7 c. If you're bored, watch them!!!


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n a t a l i e said...

Sounds like your summer break has been super duper busy so far! And I'll remember that about syzygy and pfeff if I'm ever in another spelling bee haha. Yay for Mexican food and your writing award! Hahaha I know exactly what island thing you're talking about in that creek place :D The poofy skirt is rather fetch hehe. I can't cook either... remember 8th grade family consumer science? We were THE WORST pair to put together... and who else was in our group? I feel bad for whoever the poor soul was. Happy RENTiversary too, sheesh hahaha....

I watched the Tony's long enough to see some old guy go up on stage and start crying and thank a million people, then I turned back to the Simpsons :P

And aww about the poem... what happened? I hope she's okay ):