Thursday, May 14, 2009

"If I die with a cheeseburger in my hands, I'm a'gunna die smilin' "

I have gotten virtually no sleep this entire week. Not fun. Seeing as I was tired beyond belief, I was going to try to go to bed early (which, evidently, didn't happen) and I probably didn't get until until 2 or 3. (Insert frowny face). I couldn't get to sleep, so I decided to do my chemistry homework. I lied down again after I finished, and saw the clock read 1:01 and I was like, "Oh my gosh! That's the molar mass for Hydrogen!" That, my friend, is sure-fire of knowing that summer hasn't come soon enough. TEN MORE CHEMISTRY CLASSES IN MY ENTIRE FREAKING LIFE!!!!! That deserves some partying.

I am hoping you didn't notice that I spoiled my goal of posting every day for ten days by not posting for the past two (oops!). I have good excuse, however, for Tuesday. So, I was watching TV after school and I get this call from my friend Joanna asking me if I want to go to this random concert that night. Blindly, I said yes--ignoring the fact I still had an entire paper to write, not to mention chem homework and 50 pages of To Kill a Mockingbird to read.

The concert was kind of weird. It was some random orchestra thing and people singing in languages I am not fluent in. They were very talented (e.g. there was this 10 minute drum solo that was crazy) but it just wasn't my thing (It was called Yanni...or something, by the way). For reasons unknown, we decided to park like fifteen blocks away from where to concert was...and we basically sprinted through the streets of Pittsburgh to get there. Joanna and I were completely out of breath my the time we got there--our athletic abilities are mutually pathetic. It reminded me of in the movie Connie and Carla, when they're like "Maybe we should work out..." and then they burst out laughing. The movie is about these two show-tune junkies who accidentally witness this mob murder and they are running from these two guys and they need to hide somewhere so they go to LA and pretend to be drag queens. It's like my favorite movie ever. I think that's because Connie and Carla are basically me and Joanna in twenty years. Yes, I can totally picture us pretending to be drag queens...


The concert ended at like eleven and of course we had to sprint the zillions of blocks to the parking garage. So, at eleven when any sensible teenager would be sound asleep after doing all their homework, I was running through downtown Pittsburgh laughing and screaming. I got home at eleven thirty (and thank god my parents didn't really care that I was out late on a school night) with truckloads of homework to do. Joy.

We went to Primanti Brothers before the concert and there was this guy talking really loudly at this table near us. It was so funny. This is what he was saying:

"If I die and all I eat are lettuces and carrots, I'm a'gunna be real sad. But if I eat cheeseburgers, I'm a'gunna be real happy. If I die with a cheeseburger in my hands, I'm a'gunna die smilin' "

That made my day (:

Have a fabulous weekend ( I don't have school tomorrow!)



Sriram said...

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Do keep up the good work.. visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. Cheers!

n a t a l i e said...

Haha let me guess, you were in English while writing this? Me too. And everyone is looking at Hannah put pictures of herself on the front page of Seventeen Magazine. Yeah.

YAY FOR NO MORE CHEMISTRY! Well, in ten more days at least. The concert sounds kind of weird, but at least you got to run around like a nut through Pittsburgh afterwards.

And haha that's so funny about the guy you overheard! Thats what I think about sometimes, how people are probably overhearing us talk about bisexuals and being gay for cats and grapefruits and world domination and all that...

Off to go... not do anything haha.

Hannah said...

My dad LOVES Yanni! If it was Yann Tiersen, my blood would be boiling would jealousy (even though I saw him in concert a month ago;). But, Yanni's a different story. Hahha.
I dig him, though :D

It sounds like you've had quite the interesting week, though :P At least you've had some time to cool down, eh?


aivilo relluf said...

Hahah, I hope it is relatively fun. I guess I'll get to see if I'm any good whatsoever at acting :P.

Oh yikes, I hate those kind of weeks. When you never seem to get enough sleep, and the days and workload just keep piling on. Thankfully it's now the weekend for you, since you have tomorrow off :P, lucky. Chemistry's so annoyingggg. I laughed picturing you jolting up from bed, yelling the molar mass of hydrogen, hahah. The school year is DEFINITELY ready to be over and done with.
The concert sounds interesting. It may not have been your style, but atleast you were with your friend :). I kind of want to see that Connie and Carla movie now. Hahahah, hopefully that poor soul doesn't die at a salad bar or something. I love it when strangers say ridiculous things within earshot :D.

Kate said...

Bad Annie! Get on a posting schedule. :P

Oh, what a hypocrite am I...