Friday, May 15, 2009

I was up until 5 am last night drawing...

 I haven't gotten to bed before 1 am in over a week--my sleeping schedule sucks. Last night, I just simply wasn't tired, so I stayed up all night listening to Once on this Island and [title of show] and RENT. Every so often, I get this weird urge to draw, especially RENT related things (who'd a thunk?), such as the tango pose and this picture of Adam Pascal that looks like a monkey. At like 3 am last night, I started out drawing Idina Menzel, but I can't draw women at all. Weird. So I ended up drawing a picture of Jess L. Martin as Tom Collins: 

I don't know. It's just a rough sketch and only took about half an hour. It isn't too terrible, though, for the minimum effort I put into it. It's rough and scruffy--but so is Collins--so it kind of portrays his personality. What do you think?

After I was done, I was still terribly bored and not the least bit tired, so I formulated this marvelous idea. I took a picture of my drawing (seen above) on my computer and uploaded it into Gimp. I spent the next hour or so coloring it, which was a bit more difficult than I anticipated. 

And--voila!--here is my finished product, which I finished about 4: 30 am. It's intentionally rough and sketchy and artsy and unnatural looking--that's what I wanted. I think it really captures Collins; he's sweet yet rough. I know it's kind of sloppy, but that is what I wanted and I think it gives it character. I tried to use warmer colors to bring out to his soft side, but I don't know. Maybe I should have shadowed more. I'm not sure why I made the background a purpley-salmon color; I just thought it looked nice. All in all, what do you think? 

Yes, yes, I know that it's a bad thing for my life to revolve around RENT. I just love it so much! Jesse L. Martin was surprisingly easy to draw; I love the shape of his cheekbones. His nose is irksome, though. It's a weird shape and was difficult to draw. 

Yes, I have no life. For some unusual reason, I am most creative at late hours of the night. What's fair about that? 

Have a nice weekend!


Hannah said...

Hahah I LOVE IT! It's so, so much better than anything I could do! Anything I draw looks like something my six year old brother could do. Hahhahaa

Psh, I think it's normal to be most creative at night. I know I am. Last night I completed my short story at 3:30am :D
At least, I think it's normal?


Hannah said...

Hahahaha I remember how sixth grade was ALL about stereotypes. I was in the "punk" believe it or not.
I got out of THAT one real fast.

I have yet to revise it, but it's about a young girl that day dreams her life post-cancer. I really didn't aim for that, but that's where my pencil lead me hahaha

Cursed♪♫ said...

Aww. You draw well!
I haven't gotten into bed before 1 am either. In fact, last night I went to bed at 3 !! Lol!
I draw too. You can see my drawings on my blog if you wish to!
Take care :)

n a t a l i e said...

No idea who Thomas B Collins is, but the finished product looks pretty darn good! It's amazing what you can do at 5 AM haha. I'm too impatient for art... remember art class last year? :P Dumb painting. I just remember Matt Frishkorn across from us doing his AMAZING one and me being very jealous.

Senpai said...

sweet, rough, and a little scary...

Kate said...

Ahhhhhh, Annie!!! That's awesome. :)

n a t a l i e said...


Was David even Jewish...? Does he even go to our school anymore? I don't think so... but Matt is in my Spanish class. It's really funny when he tries to use a Spanish accent but just ends up sounding realllyyy pathetic ;D

And yeah I remember there were like 2 days left in class you were still repainting the sky for like the 50th time haha... good times

Victoria said...

OMG!! In my old school I was in the musical Once on this Island!! Hah, those were some fun times. :)

Both drawings are amazing, I usually have random bursts of creativity at 3 in the morning too. :P