Monday, May 11, 2009

Day Six: Under the Sea...Under the Sea...

So, in Geometry today we had to walk outside and down the hill to the football field and measure ourselves next to some random object. Amber and I chose this random thing. I have no idea what it is. Anywho, we had to print the picture off our laptops and measure our real heights and our heights in the picture and find proportions to find the height of the random object. Except, Amber and I got bored and took random pictures. hehe.

This was the icky normal one:
Today was pretty fabulous for a Monday. I have been listening to songs from the Original Broadway Cast of the Little Mermaid. Weird? Yes--but it's a chipper break from tragedies like Spring Awakening. I have a new aspiration: I want to be Ursula in The Little Mermaid. Whenever I come across a character with a lower alto-mezzo range and an idiosyncratic personality, I add it to the list of character I want to be one day. I have a lower singing voice with a rough but awesome belt, and a thing for weird characters and I hate that most female leads are boring Sopranos. Yuck. Anyway, here is a list of characters I want to play. Most of aren't leads but rather awesome personalities and voices:

-Ilse in Spring Awakening
-or Marta in Spring Awakening
Reno in Anything Goes
Heidi in [title of show]
Any random ensemble member in Cats
Florence in Chess
Lucy in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
-Velma in Chicago (hahaha)
-Maureen in RENT
Or Joanne in RENT. I'm not black, but my voice is closer to hers.

There's way more, I'm just not in a thinking mood. My brain is the consistency of mashed potatoes.

Oh yeah. My friend befriended NEIL CICIEREGA on Facebook (Youtube sensation; Potter Puppet Pals) & he accepted!!!!!

(I blocked out their last names so you can't go stalk my friends)

NEIL! She was looking at his info on Facebook, and he likes Hedwig and the Angry Inch, this play Anthony Rapp was in, and Pee Wee's Big Adventure!

My friend (who is a guy) wants us to take pole dancing lessons with him. He's the one who ice skates and tells us what to buy when we go shopping. Why do I have to make the weirdest friends? (:



n a t a l i e said...


omg hiiii i'm sitting next to you in chem and we just took that lame test wooooooo! i almost put uranus but then i switched it to mercury when i did the 'review all' thing.

snape snape severus snape dumbledore!

ahh i just tried to put in my VPN my b

Hannah said...

Oooooh I love Potter Puppet Pals!! It's hilarious :P When I first saw it I watched it about 34239128549 times straight :P

Hahah I have plenty of weird friends, too.