Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day Two: Shh! I'm not suppose to be on Blogger!

  I have plans for tonight, so I figure I’d post now so I don’t forget. Because, of course, I promised to post every single day for 10 whole days. Even if that means typing this post up in a Microsoft Word document, disguising it as my homework (:

             Last night I had to go to my brother’s band concert, and spent like forty minutes talking to my friend’s five-year-old sister. She was talking about how she really wanted to live in the rain forest in a big leaf and then she grabbed a lock of my curly hair and tried to braid it, but ended up tying it in a knot. Oh, little kids make me laugh.

My friend Mathilda, her sister, and me

      My performance of a few scenes from the play, The Lion in Winter, is this evening. It isn’t a huge deal, seeing as my lines are barely memorized, but I’m excited. As for manly clothes, I scavenged through my closet last night for something that wasn’t pink or fitted or jeans or sandals. It took a while. I ended up looking more like a pauper then a king, but it will do. Last weekend my friend Sarah organized a script studying party at her house, and most of the ensemble came. The six of us—me, Mathilda, Sarah, Elizabeth, Olivia and Ben—decided to run our lines outside because it was nice. We sat in the middle of the street and began reading the first scene. The next thing I remember is Mathilda and I running around in circles, belting out songs from Rent at the top of our lungs. Huzzah for being easily distracted! So, instead of studying the script, we played Apples to Apples and painted our toenails. So much for being prepared…

             I counted wrong yesterday. Now there’s only SEVENTEEN more days of school—INCLUDING FINALS! My plans for the summer are the following:

             -Two weeks of Theatre Camp in June, that I’ve been doing since I was eight, and it is absolutely the best place in the entire world. They are basically family (:

Last do I look different

            -(Probably) two weeks in July of this writing camp thing my friend is making me do. I have to wait and see if I get in though. I don’t really know what to think of that yet.

             -Three weeks in August inn a show with my theatre company that I’ve been in every year since I was 10. I don’t know what to show is going to be yet, but I’m super excited.

            The first show I was in (: 
Aesop's Oh-So-Slightly Updated Fables

  -And possibly vacation, but I don't know. 

             …and that’s about it. It’s the usual, except for the writing thing. There are two changes to my normal summer plans: 1.) I’m not working at church camp this year. It has bored me to death for the past couple years, and I’m finally exempted from it. 2.) We’re not joining the pool this year. Ever since I was seven or eight, we belonged to this swim club a few miles away. Last year, though, I went like twice my parents decided that wasn’t worth the money. I don’t really care though, I doubt I would go much, anyway.

             I’m starting to get dirty looks from people in my class. I think they are reading this over my shoulder and realizing that it isn’t about The Great Depression or racial segregation. I better go before I get caught (:



n a t a l i e said...

That's adorable about Mary(?) wanting to live in the rainforest on big leaf! I remember when I had aspirations like that.

Haha, I think you actually look sort of similar to that picture! Except now you don't wear your bangs anymore, but I liked them....

I know, school is almost over! GASP.

Sounds like you're going to have a busy summer! I'm not sure what I'm doing yet at all... probably no vacations since we went on spring break. Aww but you're not going to Woodland anymore? ):

And bahahah I'm doing this while I'm in English too! Except everyone in my class is completely oblivious...

Hannah said...

Hahaha whooops :P

Yay for school almost being over!! Even though my schooling's at home, I'm still beyond ready. I can't even imagine how ready you are! Hahaha

That's so neat that you're so into theatre. I get stage fright doing a power point in front of a class, so I don't eve want to think about how I would be in a play. Haha
I bet you'll do wonderfully!


Hannah said...

They should have a sort of Olympics for people like us :P

Kate said...

The writing camp isn't at Duke, is it? :O

Cause I'm doing a writing camp for 2 weeks in July at Duke.

Senpai said...

28 more days of school. not including exams -_-

shelbyisms. said...

I agree, it is a nice surprise that you're involved in drama (that's what it is called at my school, I don't know about yours...?). I went to our school's production of All My Sons this past weekend and I'll admit, it sorta kinda sucked, but still. I'm sure your play went fantastic.

And amen to the ending of school. I just might explode.

blue.insanity.child. said...

Writing camp sounds pretty cool--are you really interested in it??? Teehee :D Theatre is a big thing for me too...extremely fun. ^_^
Hello to a fellow RENThead! We must always unite and spread the amazingness of RENT! :D