Wednesday, May 6, 2009

10 Day Challenge: Day #1

I'm taking a risk and vowing to post every single day for the next 10 days (May 6 - May 16), to see if I can. I promise to post every single day; unless, of course, something comes up. So check back often! 

First, my apologies that this is going to be a lame post because I only have a few minutes of study hall left. My chemistry homework took forever--yuck. My current grades: 

-Hon. English: A
-Geometry: A-
-Civics: A
-Creative Writing: A+
Chemistry: F 

All A's--except for the dreaded chem. I do ALL my homework and fail ONE measly fifteen point quiz and suddenly I have a 54%. Fair? I beg to differ. I have a few weeks until the end of the year to bring it up. Which brings me to my next point, I have EIGHTEEN chemistry classes left in my entire life. Only EIGHTEEN more hours of chemistry! Next year I'm taking Biology, which will be easier and at my school Physics isn't required (ergo, there is no way in hell I'm taking it) so chemistry is practically the worst science class I'll ever take (:

Our last day of school was June 5, but they moved it to the 4th because we had but one snow day. Our last day of actual school is Monday, June 1st, and the next three days are finals. However, since I dropped out of Spanish in November, I don't think I have to go to school on the 4th because Foreign Language is the only final scheduled for that day. So, I'm 75% sure I get out a day earlier than everyone else! YAY! 

Tonight, I have to find some manly clothes to wear tomorrow for the final presentation of my acting ensemble. We're doing a play called The Lion in Winter and it's about European royalty in the 5th century. I play a king called Phllip (who had an affair with king-to-be Richard...haha) and a whiny prince named John. Recently, I realized I have a very feminine wardrobe and am lacking in manly couture. My only pair of pants that aren't jeans or pink or purple or a dress are these old, brown pants so I guess I'll wear those. Any ideas for my costume, though? 

I'm so excited for Summer '09 & I hope the feeling is mutual. I am doing this theatre....

...YIKES! I'm late for English--I think we're starting to read To Kill a Mocking Bird today. 



Hannah said...

Ooooh good idea! It might help you get used to it, and possibly get into the habit of it.

Eh, you'll probably be able to get the Chemistry grade up in a month :D No worries!
At my school you can't take Chemistry or Physics until you're a Senior and they have to be AP level. Noooooo! Hhahaha:P

Good luck, though! I know you'll do wonderfully :)


n a t a l i e said...

I have all As except for a B+ in HEALTH of all things. Whats up with that? Oh yeah, Mr. Lib is a freak. Oh and haha Mr. Haboush said that he thinks that world language is actually on the 22nd of May or something. So then I wouldnt have to come either, muwhaha....

Victoria said...

Thanks, and I'll try. :P

Good luck! Hopefully you'll get into the habit to post all the time. And you'll probably pull your grade up to an A, don't worry about it. :P

aivilo relluf said...

Cute new layout :)
My prom is NEXT Saturday, May 16. Everything feels like it's coming together at the very last minute.
Congrats on those grades! Don't worry about chemistry, half of my class is failing it, haha. The rest of your grades are amazing :). I'm so jealous you get out of school so early. We run practically til the end of June with exams and such. Our last "real" day is the 10th.
Good luck finding some manly clothes :). I'd say for the play you would need some kingly jewelery (crown, rings, ect). And a velvety robe. But that's about all I can suggest. Have a good one!
♥ Olive