Friday, July 17, 2009

End of a Blog

I'm discontinuing my blog--I've found myself too busy to talk about why I'm busy. There's just too much to say about my life. Which, is good, I suppose. When I starting blogging in eighth grade, I didn't have much to say. I was, I don't know, different. I was super moody. I didn't have many friends--and I didn't see the few friends I had very often. I was constantly and severely upset. My life has changed oh-s0-drastically since then.

And now...

I can't even find a sliver of time to sit down and say hi to you all. And when I do, there's so much to say it ends up not making much sense. I'll try to still and catch up with your blogs, though, I really want to keep in touch. So friend me on Facebook (please!), which is probably the easy way to stay in touch with me. See, I even have to type my very last post out quickly because I told my friend I'm be over at her house ASAP. You see what I mean? Time is not an abundant thing. And, as I've learned, blogging requires lots and lots of time and dedication.

If you want it, my email is:

I wish you all the best of luck--and keep blogging, because you're all fabulous at it.

Love you all,

Annie. July 17th, 3:46 pm


natalie said...

Haha yeah, I've come pretty close to quitting my blog too... there's so much effort to keep up with everyone's blogs! But somehow I just keep deciding to keep it, even if that means writing my posts and commenting everybody at 3 am haha. But adios from the blogging world, maybe you'll be back someday :)

Hannah said...

You will DEFINITELY be missed, Annie. Your humor and light brought so much to the blogosphere; I really hadn't seen much like it! At least you gave us all a farewell post, for it really is a shame when some pop off the radar. It can be worrisome at times :P
However, I second what Nat said: maybe you'll be back someday.
Keep your blog up for that reason, or to simply look back at the memories :D


Olive said...

Aw, Annie. I'll definitely be missing your posts. But I will look for you on facebook and friend you there :). Blogging is very time consuming, but if you ever get the free time again, there are people interested in what you have to say. Otherwise, enjoy this busy life of yours :), and I hope your theatrical endeavors prove successful.

♥ Olive