Sunday, July 5, 2009

Comeuppance is a dish best served SIZZLING

Happy Independence Day!

I say 'Independence Day' because 'The 4th of July' is the lamest name for a holiday. Ever. Usually the 4th is pretty boring, consisting of rain, obnoxious parades, more rain, and baseball. However, yesterday was actually oodles of fun. It did start out with an obnoxious parade, consisting of a hundred blaring, wailing firetrucks and people not throwing candy at us because we're teenagers. Then I hung out at Mathilda's for a while, except we were sort of bored, so we texted everyone we knew to get their butts over there--but Natalie is the only one who actually came, which was still fun. We rode down the driveway in Dora-the-Explora tricycles and talked about leprechauns. Then we drove up (in a car, not a tricycle) the winding roads to the top of the hill where everyone's house is more like a palace, and for every palace, there's three 'elite' country clubs. Except on one of these 'elite' country clubs for 'elite' people with 'elite' houses, they were having some not-so-elite fireworks. It was beautiful up there (see above) and we ran amok barefoot around the soft turf, rolling down hills and jumping in sand pits. Golf courses are so much fun except for the golf part. And the fireworks were spectacular (see below).

So right after my last post, the one where I complained about how bored I was and how much I hated Hamlet, I slept over at Mathilda's house with Joanna which was super fun. We lit things on fire and ran around screaming (screaming, running, and fire has been the theme of the week) and then watched The Simpson's Movie (yet again). Afterward, we ran around claiming we'd get comeuppance (I thought it was spelled kummuppets!) on each other. This comuppance consisted of smashing a dead wasp all over each other's belongings. It was most disgusting. The next night I went to the mall with Mathilda, and I spent more money on a smoothie than a shirt. I also got Joanna an AWESOME birthday present, buuut it's staying a secret!

Also, I had a slight revalation, and now I'm super excited about being in Hamlet! Auditions are Thursday and I am doing a monologue from Twelfth Night. Woo-hoo! It's going to be a very interesting play, I think.

--'Tis all.


natalie said...

Oh, all of those houses up in the Heights? THEY'RE RIDICULOUSLY HUGE! And I bet only like one person lives there, too.

Yay for sleepovers, fire, Simpson's, comeuppance, and malls! Those smoothies are pretty darn expensive.

I'm glad you changed your mind about Hamlet!

Hannah said...

Yay for revelations! I'm so glad you changed your mind! :D

Your holiday weekend sounded like it was a blast :D
Happy belated Independence Day, love!


aivilo relluf said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your Independence Day :), friends always make things fun! Oh, those parade jerks.. I hate when they bypass the teenagers.. It's like "HEY, we're kids too!" Hahah. Oh well. Dora the Explorer tricyles?! You guys know how to be fly ;), ahaha. You should've gotten a picture of that. Nice fireworks. I'm glad you're dreading the Hamlet speal less now. I hope you wind up enjoying it :), 3 weeks of summer is alot to be unhappy with, haha. You're a theater girl, you'll find a way to work with it!
♥ Olive

Kate said...

My dog died on July 5...but that's all right.